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OTIS Character Demo wk 1

Here's a demo I did for my class, Fundamentals of Character/Creature Design at OTIS. "Alien MMA fighter" was the subject for the first assignment. The demo lasted about an hour and I took it home and worked on it some more.

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Female Body Types

Same thinking as the previous post, but categorized by "model types." Runway, Dancer, Fitness Model, and finally..."Frazetta-esque." Female characters commonly fall under the "Victoria Secret Model" category, so theres no need to address that one. Let's be one wants to see "pear-shaped" or "post-pregnancy" female warrior.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Weight Class Demo

This is a demo from one of my classes on the subject of body types and organizing proportions/musculature by "weight class", like an MMA fighter or a boxer. The demo was meant to show the differences of muscle mass/structure from shorter to taller humanoids organized by weight class. Not many character design classes touch upon less than ideal proportions, so I wanted to address it. This can be very important when designing shorter characters or anyone that isnt 9 heads tall;)

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

CGMA - Intro to Character + Creature Design with Eric Chiang

I'm pleased to announce that I will be joining the CGMA team this fall semester to teach Intro to Character/Creature Design. In this course, I will share the fundamental ideas behind character and creature design through the creation of unique thumbnails and rough studies. This class will focus on the beginning essentials of how to come up with original and well thought out rough images in a short time frame. The class covers character and creature design basics like unique thumbnailing, tonal layout, construction and anatomy, costuming, posing, and basic lighting techniques.